Blurred Lines: Above the line, below the line where is the line anyway ?

September 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

What should marketers do in constantly changing times ? How can they walk through the line ?

Marketing , advertising professionals and academics have made frequent and repeated use of the concept of convergence in the last 10 years. Advertisers, media companies and agencies find themselves in a changing context that we can describe as extremely distruptive on organizational structures, the way of doing business and revenue models. Technology companies with smaller , smarter, interactive devices and online platforms amplified the expectations of consumers from brands and media. Consumers have changed but marketing industry could not catch the pace of consumer demand. Agencies, media and brands stuck with traditional methods of content delivery.

Fragmentation of media generated a contrast with the integration of different technologies, company mergers and acquisitions.

We can not exactly define the personal devices we use and content we consume. We only try to enjoy the moment with entertainment or try to enrich our lives with utilities provided through smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, wearable devices such as watches or glasses.

How does this evolution of technology and content delivery effect media, entertainment and advertising ?

It’s all melting together in the same pot. ATL, BTL was the common industrial acronyms, it was easy to classify media and run the advertising operations through a pool of specialized marketing communications partners. Now the lines have blurred thanks to . Businesses and marketers are now trying discover new ways which are deeply connected to technology and changing consumer behavior. We try to understand terms such as short attention span, continuous partial attention or fear of missing out.

internet and brands

internet and brands

There is no separation of traditional mass media ( above the line) and micro media (below the line) due explosion of emerging media technologies. (ATL &BTL terms were first used by FMCG company P&G to define their agency compensation methods in 1950’s. )

Agencies and brands has to face challenge of hundreds of different lifestyle consumer segments with different decision making processes.
I will be examining how the convergence of media is affecting ways that people make buying decisions and the implications for the ways that you can sell your. Hoping this this will lead me to improve my writing skills to start a master thesis about media convergence and entertainment business.

Main topics will be:

– media convergence

– consumer behavior

– promise of digital marketing

– big data and marketing

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